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Exposition “Earth” in Peremoga

22.12.22 — 10.02.23 Four artists from SPILNE were presented exhibition “Land”, which is created to start a dialogue about archetypes and the search for a new identity in times of war. “We can fantasize and fully build our future, relying on the experience of the past, on the history of our family, and the depth […]


Contrapunct exhibition at the Kunstlerhaus

9.11.22 — 27.11.22. Artists Galyna Andrusenko, Gera Artemova, Julia Beliaeva, Mykola Bilous, Olia Fedorova, Maria Kulikovska, Kateryna Lysovenko, Yarema Malashchuk und Roman Himey, Daryna Mykytiuk, Daniil Nemyrovskyi, Ievgen Petrov, Katherine Reznichenko, Sana Shahmuradova, Olga Stein Gera Artemova, Melanka, 2020 Behind the roar of explosions and sirens, amid terrible loss, anxiety, and insomnia, everyday life goes […]



8.09.22 — 11. 09. 22. Spilne art was participating in the international art fair, where the world’s leading galleries are represented. To continue telling the world about the war, we have chosen two artists — Sana Shakhmuradova and Daniil Nemyrovsky — whose artistic vision we share. We are also happy to announce that the Oberih […]


An artistic residency in Hamburg. Udays + Spilne

The festival of modern Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian Days, and the online gallery of Ukrainian art Spilne Art organized an artistic residency in Hamburg. In August, three female artists, Ksenia Datsiuk, Olena Shtepura, and Daryna Mykytiuk, worked together in the Paulsenhaus gallery and created an exhibition in real time. Visitors have had an opportunity to observe […]



4.07.22 — 29.07.22. From 4 to 29 June, Vienna hosted the Stages exhibition, which we created in collaboration with the Albert Art Gallery. The exposition was attended by two artists of Spilne Art – Elena Shtepura and Ksenia Datsyuk, as well as the famous Austrian artist Erika Navas. After Russia started a full-scale war with […]


“Sounds of the City”

27. 06. 22 — 27. 07. 22 From June 27 to July 27 in Hamburg, Paulsenhaus Gallery hosted an exhibition of art objects “Sounds of the City”, which allowed visitors to see and hear Ukrainian cities before they were captured by the war. In 2021, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Independence […]


Days of solidarity in Hamburg

In cooperation with Markk Hamburg, Udays, Ukrainian emergency art fund, and SPILNE — we held charity days under the motto #hamburgstandswithukraine for the Solidarity Day in Hamburg Ukrainian emergency art fund shared postcards from the war — artworks by Ukrainian artists created after February 24, 2022. The presented works are part of the martial arts […]


Art on city lights

The online platform Spilne Art presented a street exhibition in city lights with original paintings by young artists. They can be seen in the center of Kyiv, on Bohdan Khmelnytskyi street. The following artists took part in the event: Anton Tarasyuk, Serhiy Maidukov, Ksenia Datsyuk, Tamara Turlyun, Danyla Kovach, Roman Kaminsky. With such an event, […]


“Sounds of the City” at the Ukrainian House National Center

On November 18, the “Sounds of the City” exhibition opened in the National Center “Ukrainian House” in Kyiv. “Hear, see and feel Ukraine!” – a call for an audiovisual tour of the hometowns of the Motherland. Each city in the form of an art object embodies the memories and reflections of Ukrainians, who are connected […]


Exhibition “A priori”

On October 29, the exhibition of modern Ukrainian painting and ceramics “A priori” opened at the residence of the “Udays” festival in Hamburg, which operates under the auspices of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Germany. The exhibition presents the works of Ukrainian artists Serhiy Maidukov, Anton Tarasyuk and Zakhar Shevchuk, as well as the […]




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