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Spilne is the first online platform in Ukraine that makes contemporary art accessible. Spilne was founded in 2020 by art-manager Natasha Tkachenko.

>>> It all started with an art school.

I was good at graphics and reproductions of Maria Primachenko. However, most of all, I enjoyed listening to the theory from my teacher Katya Korniychuk: art history, biographies of artists, inside information about Ukrainian contemporary art, masterpieces of cinema art and literature about art.

>>> My Way.

That inspired me to study art management at KAMA (Kyiv Academy of Media Arts), contemporary art at ECA (European Cultural Academy) in Venice, followed by creative leadership at Sotheby’s in London.

>>> Understanding.

Studying at KAMA gave me valuable acquaintances with talented young Ukrainian artists. I loved spending hours at art workshops. Frankly speaking, it still feels like an adventure to me. I understood that there seems to be a distance between artists and art specialists: some of them don’t know where to find others and vice versa.

>>> Manifesto.

SPILNE has become a bridge to overcome the distances, it finds the best works among young artists for business or art lovers. SPILNE shapes taste and creates aesthetics. SPILNE forms a habit of being demanding to the space where we live or work and filling it and ourselves with art.



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