Natalia Brichuk

Natasha Brichuk (Notuko) is a Ukrainian contemporary artist. Lives and works in Rivne, Ukraine. Artist started her professional career in 2016. Notuko tries to embody folk motifs in an abstract form. Artists explore various relationships between modern and traditional cultures. Notuko mostly looks for inspiration in traditional objects that are still part of Ukrainian life. Improvisation and lightness are a striking difference of her works.

In the context of her creative searches, the artist turns to folklore. Notuko chooses this particular aspect to explore because of a sense of being implanted in a foreign culture throughout her life.  On the canvases of the artist, you can often trace the depiction of the conditions of the female figure, who personifies the woman of the land and her desire to know her roots through the use of folklore motifs.

The author of this article explores naive art through the prism of bibliographic and scientific sources. After all, in her works you can explore reminiscences of Byzantine art, Christian iconography, and folk art of Ukraine. Artist is inspired by the color and the area in which she grew up: architecture and, especially, the artistic decoration of houses. Household items, such as painted Ukrainian tableware or embroidery.

That is why in her works there is a conventional allusion to traditional clothing, which can be seen by the viewer.



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